Water Stoves

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Wood Burning Water Stoves for SALE!!!

With energy prices rising and fuel prices skyrocketing, Water Stoves are the way to go.  Not only are they used to heat your water, they also heat your home through your duct work, use for washing machine and showers, dish washer, pools, hot tubs, and much more!!!!

Standard Features:

  • Domestic hot water hookup with 100 foot roll of 1/2 inch type L copper
  • Solar return
  • Heavy duty formed and insulated doors
  • 1/4 inch fire box and 3/16 inch water tank
  • Automatic forced air draft
  • Double Pass flue system
  • Light fixture
  • 4 sets of heat zones
  • Digital aquastat with constant temperature reading
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Enclosed electrical connections
  • 2 foot section of 8 inch double wall insulated stack (Simpson Duratech)

Get a TAX CREDIT $$$$$$

With heating costs on the rise, the uncertainty of fuel prices, and various tax credits, now is the time to buy a Cid Water Stove!  This is a great step in reducing your dependence on foreign fuels and electric companies.  Cid water stoves are built to each individual customers needs!  These stoves are built for everything from homes, shops, and barns.  Sizes range up to 1000 gallons, which will heat up to 8,000 square feet!  

Why a Cid Water Stove?

American made in North Carolina since 2002!!!  These stoves are built to endure the coldest of winters.  The double pass exhaust runs horizontally through the water jacket.  Most wood atoves or fireplaces lose most of their heat through the flue.  With the standard double pass system, the exhaust gases travel through the water jacket two times.  This doubles the efficiency of our stoves and results in more heat transfer to the water.  The automatic draft system keeps the water in the tank at a constant temperature.  Since the stove is outside, there is no mess in your home!

350 gallon $3750.00 heats up to 1800 square feet

500 gallon $4250.00 heats up to 3800 square feet

750 gallon $4950.00 heats up to 5500 square feet

1000 gallon, call for pricing! heats up to 8000 square feet