Atlanta Stove Parts

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Atlanta Stove Parts

We have several replacement parts available for Atlanta Wood Stoves Grates Grate Frames & Supports, Liners, and Liner Clamps, we also have Gaskets, Brass, Paint, and High Temp Sealant and More..!!!

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Atlanta Stove Parts

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Prices are current on most items, updated May 2022.  Prices are subject to change.  This is only a partial list of the most popular items.  If you do not see your parts listed or have any questions, please give us a call 336-701-0555 or email us at



1C125 (1TDU7) Double Blower for Model 4300  $199.95

1C160  160 CFM Blower (Great Add On Blower)  $169.00

       Mounting Flange is 4 3/4" x 4 3/4"     

1C265  265 CFM Blower (Great Add On Blower)  $184.95

       Mounting Flange is 5 1/2" x 5"

***We can cross reference many blowers, please send us a picture and any information seen on the blower motor, we will be glad to assist you. ***


7G58K  5/8" Rope Gasket Kit     $18.39

     Fits the Homesteader Models

   ** Kit contains 7 foot of gasket & Adhesive **

***If you do not know the correct size of door gasket needed, please measure the width of the opening on the  channel in which the gasket seats, this will normally be very close to the correct size ***


7GCC  Franklin 26 Glass 3 1/2" 12 1/4"  $42.00 each

**We Can Custom Cut ANY Rectangular Glass Size **

Grates and Grate Frames

3900 Atlanta Short Grate

   Measures  18 1/2" x 3"    $119.39

3901 Atlanta Long Grate 

   Measures   19" x 3"        $ 119.00

6487 Atlanta Stove Grate 

   Measures 13 1/4" x 13 1/2"  $219.00

6497 Grate Frame

   Measures 23 3/8" x 12 3/8"    $199.00

6498 Atlanta Short Right Grate

   Measures  22 3/4" x 3"         $189.00

6499 Atlanta Long Left Grate

   Measures  23 1/4" x 3"        $195.00

5574 Atlanta Grate Support 

   Measures   4" x 7/8"             $29.00

6502  Grate Cog                      $15.00


Stove Liners

AT1651  Steel Front Liner 240/2401/624 

  Measures  13 1/2" x 4 7/8"       $47.95

AT1753 Rear Liner  3400/3401U 

  Measures 14"  x 11 1/8"        $49.00

303001 Rear Liner 3418U/516U  

  Measures 12 3/8" x 9"          $80.00

AT6477 Left Rear Side Liner 24/124/240 

  Measures 13 7/8" x 11 7/8"    $249.00

AT6478 Left Front Side Liner 24/124/240

  Measures  13 1/2" x 12 1/4"   $249.00

AT6479 Right Rear Side Liner 24/124/240

  Measures   13 5/8" x 12         $135.00

AT6480 Right Front Side Liner 24/124/240

  Measures  13 1/2" x 12         $249.00


Liner Clamps

AT1732 Steel Liner Clamp 9 x 2 7/8"  $29.00

  Fits 624UB/3418B/2400/3400/3401U

AT6483  Cast Liner Clamp 2 5/8" x 3/4" $14.02

  Fits 124A/240A/624U/724U/2401U/2420U

206500  Cast Iron Clamp 4 3/4 x 3/4 x 1 1/8" $20.00

  Fits 516U/ 3418/ 3420 



403011 Stove Ash Pan 17 3/8" x 9 3/4"  $79.00

AT6473 Cast Iron Flue Collar  6 lnch     $115.00

2LDK  Cast Iron Draft Regulator 3 3/8"  $41.75




Parts Available for the following Models :

24 DGB/ 324DG

2420U  /  724U

2450A / 2450A-BR

2502  / 3420U

3418B  /  3428MH

60 Boss / 9-133 Cozy

Box 27, 32, 33

Bungalow 118A/  Fortune 118A

Fireplace 179

Franklin Fireplace 122

Franklin Fireplace 126

Franklin Fireplace 132

Franklin Fireplace 226CC

Franklin Fireplae 26/26G

Franklin Fireplace 32

Furnace 700 Series

Homeglow 3400 / 3401U

Homesteader 240 / Knight 124

Homesteader 240A / Knght 124A

Homesteader 340DG / Knight 524/ 340ADG

Homesteader 2400 / Knight 624 UB

Homesteader 2401U / Knight 624U 

Homesteader 2410 GU / Knight 624GU

Homesteader 3418U / Knight 516U

Homesteader 3418UA / Knight 516U / 516UA

Huntsman 241 /  Ponderosa 24

Huntsman 241C / Ponderosa 24C

Huntsman 400 DD / Ponderosa 24 DD

Huntsman 4010 / Ponderosa I

Huntsman 4020 / Ponderosa II / 20 DD

Huntsman 4030 / Ponderosa III

Huntsman 4040 / Ponderosa 28 / Combi 4020

Magician 22CC / Old Hickory 122CC

Majik 122A /  Rebel 121 / Heater #19

Ponderosa 23A-I / 23A-G

Red Mountain Banner Laundry Stove

Red Mountain Baron Heater

Red Mountain Kitchen Range

Red Mountain Knight 224B / 24WG

Red Mountain T Range

Sunny Jim 40 / 75/ 100

Super Fireball 1675

Woodsman 24 / Nordic 27



Atlanta Stove Grate 13 1/4" x 13 1/2" $219.00 Including Shipping


1C160 160 CFM Blower Mounting 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" $169.00

1C125 Double Blower used on Atlanta 4300 $199.95

AT1753 Rear Stove Liner for 3400/3401U

AT3001 Rear Stove Liner for 3418U/ 516U  

Please  click on picture below for lager view.

AT1732 Steel Liner Clamp for some Atlanta Stoves

We have parts available for the following stoves: 


Abraham,   Acorn,   Ajax,   Alaska,   Allnighter,   Allstar MFG,   American,   American Eagle, American Furnace Company,   American Road,   American Seating,   Americana,  Andes,  Apache,   Appalachian, Argand,   Armoral,    Arrow,   Ashley,   Aspen,   Atlanta,    Autocrat, Avalon, B.K.,     Bat Cave Stoves, Berkheimer,   Berkshire,   Better'n Ben,   Big Ben,   Big Jim's Woodstove,      Birmingham Range, BIS,  Blackhawk,    Blaze King,   Blue Ridge,   Boss Stove,   Boston Stove Company,   Brown,  Buchanan Welding, Buck Stoves,   Buckeye,    Buckner Enterprises,   Bussy & McLeod Stove Company, C & D Enterprises,  Caboose Stove,   Cannon Stove,    Carolina Stove,   Catalytic Damper Corporation, Cawley-Lemay Stoves, Century,   Chappee,    Chehalem Fireside, Chippewa,   Chubby,  Citation/Salvo Machinery, Clarion/Wood Bishop,   Clayton,    Co-operative Foundry Company, Coalbrookdale Stove,     Coalmaster, Cole's Heaters, Coleman,   Comfort Flame, Comforter, Concord,   Consolidated Dutchwest-Vermont Castings, Corinthian, Coronet,   Cottage Stove,   Country Comfort,        Country Flame,    Country Stove,      Craft Stove, Crane,    Crawford,    Dare IV, Defiance Company,    Derco Inc., Desa,    Design Dynamics, Detroit Stove Works,    Devault-Fab,    Dexter Stoves, Dixie,    DK Metals, Dockash, Dominion, Doorwood,   Dove, Dover, Drolet,    Duomatic-Olsen, Eagle Furnance,     Earth Stove, Efel,   Elm,   Elmira,   Enerex,    Energy Harvester,     Energy King, Energy Marketing Corp.,    Energy Mate,   England Stove Works,    Englander, E-Z Insert,   Enterprise,   Estate Eureka,Euro-Design,   Excaliber,   Faultless Oak, Favorite,    Fawcett, Fern, Fire Chief,   Fireplace Xordinair,   Firepower Add-on Furnace,   Firerite,    Fisher, Fjord,   Florence,   FMI Fireplace, Foundry,    Fuller & Warren Co.,   Garrison,     Georgetowne Stoves,    Gibraltar,   Glacier Bay, Glenwood,   Globe,   Godin, Gold Coin,   Golden Oak,    Greenhorizons Furnaces,   Grimstock, H.B. Smith Coal Boiler,    Haas Sohn,   Hampton,     Hardy Outside Furnace, Harmon, Heart Fireplace,    Hawke, Hayes Equipment,   Hearth Heat,    Hearth Mate,   Hearthland,       Hearthstone,     Heating Energy, Hercules,   Heritage,     High Valley,     Hitzer, Home Comfort, Home Heater, Homer, Homewood Furnace, Horstman Industries,    Hotblast,  Hoval Boiler,    Hutch, International Heater,   Ironstrike,   Jensen,  Johnson Energy Systems,   Jotul,   Jumbo Stove,    King,     Kingsman, Nightingale,  Knox Stove Works, Koser Northland,   Kresno,    Kuma Stove, Lake Region Stove Works,    Lakewood Stove, Lancaster Fabrications,    Lange, Lavec,   Leaders,     Lighthouse,   Lilly Furnaces,    Lilly Stoves, Locke Stoves,   Long MFG,    Longwood Furnace,    Lopi,   Loth, LTD Furnace,  Magee, Magestic Range, Martin Industries,   Mealmaster,   Memco, Modern Maid,   Mohawk Industries,  Monarch,   Morso,    Mount Vernon Range, Napoleon,   Nashua,    National Steelcrafters,   Nestor Martin,  New Buck,  Newmac,   Nightingale,  Northland,   Novel, Novelty,  New-Tec,  Old Mill,   Olix Air-Flow,   Oregon Wood Stoves,  Orley's, Orono, Orr Painter & Company,    Orville Products/Country Comfort,   Panda Stoves,   Park Oak,    Patriot,    Penn Coal Stove, Perry Stove Company,   Pettite Godin, Phillips & Clarke Company,   Pine Baron Stove,   Portland Stove Company,   Pro-Former-Z, Rathbone Sard & Co., Rebel,   Record Foundry,  Red Cross, Regency,   Reges Metal, Reginald,   Rembrandt,   Riteway,   Round Oak,   Royal Scott,    RSF Energy, Rupp,   Saey,   Salvo Machinery,Scan, Scandia,   Schooner, Scotia,    Scranton Stove Works, Sears,  Security, Shenandoah,   Sierra,      Silent Flame, Smith, Smoke Genie, Sotz, Splendid,   Squire Stoves, Stanley Cook Stoves,   Steel King Furnance, Stewart,   Suburban, Summer Heat,    Sunbeam, Sunshine, Superior Stove,   Surdiac, Sweet Home, Tarm,   Tempwood/Tempcoal, Thermograte, Timber Eze,  Timber Ridge,    Timberwolf, Tirolia,   Torridaire, Trail Blazer,    Travis Industries, Treasure, Treemont, Ultraburn,   Universal C & S,   Upland,      US Stove Company, Van Wert MFG, Vansco, Vantage Hearth, Vermont Castings/Consolidated Dutchwest,     Vermont Down Drafter,    Vermont IronVermont Soapstone, Versagrid Retrofits,    Vestal, Viking,    Virginian, Vulcan, W.E.T. Industries,   Warm Morning, Warnock Hersey,    Waterford Stove,    Webco Ind.,    Webster Stove Company, Welcome, Western Fab, Wier Stove Company,     Wonderwood, Wondercoal, Wood Bishop,   WoodChief,    Woodchuck, Woodmaster,    Woodstock,   Woodstocker,  XTEC,    Yukon...and more!!!

Atlanta Homesteader 240