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We have Parts available for the following Models C-682 C-76-B C6-78 C6-78C C6-78U C6-81U C6-88 CC6-85 FM-80U FM-80UC FM9-77 FMC8-79 FP6-81 FP8-80 Insert FP8-80B Insert FP8-81 FP8-84U MM-7618 W6-78 W6-78C W6-78U W6-81U W6-82 W6-88 W9-75B WC3-78 WC3-78U WC6-85 WCC3-78 WMP2-80 WMP6-80 WR6-78 WR6-78U

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We have many parts available for the Suburban Wood Stoves.

Please give us a call at 336-701-0555 or Email us:

with any questions.

We will be glad to assist you.

**Note: highlighted parts are available at our Online Store.

***Prices are subject to change***


S510955 Motor- Right Side  Fits the following:

FP6-81WC; FP6-79A; & FP6-79B

Price is $175.14 plus shipping

S510956 Motor Only -Left Side  2 Speed

Fits FP6-81WC; FP6-79A; FP6-79B

Price is $175.14 plus shipping

S511179 --Motor--2 Speed

Fits the following:

WC6-88; W6-82; WC6-85; C6-82; CC6-85; WC3-78;

WC3-78U; WCC3-78;W6-78C; W6-78;C6-88; CC6-88;

C6-78C; W6-78U; C6-78U

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